vitakraft (ویتا کرافت)

در سال 1837 یک شرکت تجاری کوچک در روستای زیبا را از Heiligenrode، نزدیک به Bremen، آلمان تاسیس شد. ناشی از عشق و علاقه به طبیعت و حیوانات، این شرکت بزرگ از نسلی به نسل برای تبدیل شدن به یکی از اولین تولید کنندگان عمده مواد غذایی حیوان خانگی در آلمان

In 1837 a small trading company was founded in the idyllic village of Heiligenrode, near Bremen, Germany. Stemming from a familial love of and interest in nature and animals, this company grew from generation to generation to become one of the first major pet food manufacturers in Germany…the company we now call Vitakraft.

High quality coupled with an innovative and wide range of products adapted to the specific dietary needs of household pets quickly opened the market in Germany, throughout Europe, and overseas. Today, 175 years later, Vitakraft is a dynamic group of companies, operating successfully in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Skilled and committed staff from more than 20 countries work for the well-being of pets, and thus help to develop the trust that the Vitakraft brand inspires in millions of pet owners worldwide.

It is this enduring passion for animals and commitment to their well being that continues to shape our company style and objectives.

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