bode (بؤده)
این شرکت آلمانی می باشد محصولات این شرکت مرتبط به ضد عفونی دست و اشیا می باشد که با بالاترین کیفیت تولید می گرددManufacturing more than 400 products at its Hamburg-Stellingen site in Germany, BODE Chemie is one of Europe’s leading suppliers in the fields of disinfection, cleaning, skin care and skin antisepsis. The high-performance hand disinfectants are only one highlight in BODE’s comprehensive range of products, which are used in more than 50 countries around the globe.Since 2009, BODE has been a wholly owned subsidiary of PAUL HARTMANN AG in Heidenheim, Germany. With the acquisition, both companies have been able to expand their expertise in infection protection. By combining well-proven HARTMANN solutions such as sterile clothing, drapes or customised operating theatre sets with the extensively reviewed disinfectants from BODE, HARTMANN is your one-stop resource for solutions protecting against infection.Aiming at offering our customers scientifically proven solutions, the BODE SCIENCE CENTER was established in 2011, combining science and practice in infection protection.

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